Tesa Lift & Reseal

High-tack tape with a good shear strength that reseals effectively and will not pop open

Robust and stable adhesive - no residues, good ageing resistance

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Our tesa® Lift & Reseal single-sided resealable bag closure system allows bags to be resealed approximately 20 times, giving consumers the ability to reseal the pack throughout its contents’ shelf life.

In addition to adding value to your end product, tesa® Lift & Reseal has been developed to integrate easily into the packaging process. Whether you are packing nuts, snacks, fruits, or vegetables, tesa® Lift & Reseal is a very convenient refastening solution to keep food fresh.

With a line of tape running from the top to the bottom of packs, our product gives consumers the ability to reseal the pack multiple times – most comfortably with a non-sticky fingerlift. tesa® Lift & Reseal is far more effective than self-adhesive labels and can be supplied as stock or custom printed to your requirements.



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