Tesa Gun Tape Dispenser

Very robust due to stable metal frame

Retractable blade for safe usage (injury protection)

Soft gummed handle for secure and comfortable grip

Adjustable tension control

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The Tesa® Hand dispenser is a secure and ergonomic tool with an integrated safety blade for the efficient and safe application of carton sealing tape. It was designed with industrial applications in mind and combines top-level quality with proven functionality.

Place the Tesa dispenser on the carton and pull it towards yourself. The tape is unwound and pressed down by the contact roller. To cut the tape, press the plastic flap on the carton and continue moving the dispenser.

Threading: The Tesa roll is put on the tape wheel such that the adhesive side of the tape faces the handle. Pull the end of the tape between the tape contact roller and the metal loading gate until the tape is free of wrinkles.



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