Minipack Pratika 56-T-MPS Shrink Machine

Piece counter (day/life) and package length detection

Electronically adjustable conveyor belt speed

Electric belt approaching device (optional)

High sealing and productivity speed

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The new PRATIKA 56-T MPS is an automatic wrapping machine fitted with the Side Seal device, the continuous sealing with no limits in terms of length, as well as the Centre Sealing and fully electric operation.

The mechanical and electronic components of this machine, which is suitable for packaging formats up to 400 mm wide and 240 mm height, have been enhanced to reach an output of max 3,600 pcs/h (depending on the product size and film used).

The shrink wrap machine is made on our new T bodywork, which includes a standalone electrical system located at the back of the machine.

PRATIKA 56-T MPS is a perfect synthesis of reliability, high performance, versatility and safety, thereby further developing the way of designing packaging machines with heat-shrink film.

The most popular model of the new range of automatic packaging machines by minipack.

In Action
Minipack Pratika 56-T-MPS Shrink Machine

Watch our video to see the Minipack Pratika 56-T-MPS Shrink Machine in operation.




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