Minipack Pratika 56 MPE Reverse Inox Shrink Machine

L sealing system

High speed and efficiency

Hourly output p/h: 0-3600

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This automatic wrapping machine is intended for processing labs to package food or pharmaceutical products. In terms of design, priority was assigned to practicality: along with the material specifically designed for the food industry, the double hatch allows for operation in both directions, from right to left and vice versa.

Minipack Pratika 56 MPE Reverse Inox aims at meeting the needs of the market it is intended for as best as possible by offering high-tech and yet flexible solutions: everything is designed to achieve the highest speed and efficiency, with a huge benefit in terms of labour and packaging time.

In Action
Minipack Pratika 56 MPE Reverse Inox Shrink Machine

For high sealing and productivity speed, the Minipack Pratika offers a great solution.



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