Lantech RL Automatic Pallet Wrapping System

Production Speed: Up to 180 Loads/Hr

Generate stable, safe to ship loads at the lowest possible cost

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The Lantech RL Ring Straddle wrapper is a high performance robust stretch wrapping solution for a production speed up to 180 loads per hour.

The patented Metered Film Delivery system ensures that film delivery precisely matches your load containment force specifications, your load size and shapes requirements and your speed requirements.

Load-Seeking Clamp guards against film pull-outs and tear-outs; also reduces film breaks and seals the film tail to the load.

The Load Guardian intuitive control system simplifies the wrap set-up process for operators and provides wrapping data and help screens.

Pallet Grip “locks” the load to the pallet by rolling film into a tight cable and driving it down onto the bottom of the load.

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