Lantech QL Automatic Pallet Wrapping System

Production Speed: Up to 45 Loads/Hr

Metered Film Delivery System

No Load Crushing

No Film Breaks

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Automate your packaging line and overcome modern stretch wrapping challenges in the process. The Lantech QL Automatic turntable stretch wrapper delivers patented LeanWrap features for improved productivity, minimized downtime and efficient load handling.

The patented LeanWrap features give you what you need to manage the performance of your loads and overcome today’s stretch wrapping challenges. Stop breaking stretch film. Stop twisting loads. Stop loads from sliding off the pallets. Stop destructive film tails. Stop guessing if your loads are safe to ship.

Take control of your stretch wrapping. LeanWrap technology gets you less waste and safer loads.

Metered Film Delivery System
No Load Twisting
No Load Crushing
No Film Breaks

Load Guardian
Simplifies the process of setting up a stretch wrapper to effectively wrap loads. Containment force monitoring ensures every load has the right amount of containment force. The intuitive interface has a host of other key stretch wrapping data and help screens.

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