Lantech LA/LF-Series Lid Applicator

Increased production

Sealed with Hotmelt

Reduced labour costs from automation of process

Up to 18 lids a minute


Our full line of tray handling and lid applicator equipment reduces the amount of labor needed to erect trays and apply lids, while keeping up with capacity needs.

The Lantech LA/LF series is made up of LA-1000, LF-1000, and LF-2000 lid applicators.

All lids are produced to your needs and are produced with maximum efficiency.

The Lantech LA/LF series helps reduce the amount of labour needed to erect trays and lids.

They produce 18 lids a minute and are sealed with Hotmelt.

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In Action
Lantech LA/LF-Series Lid Applicator

Compact and stable lid applicator with a throughput of up to 18 lids per min.




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