ILPRA Foodpack Speedy

Medium production

Large Loading Area

Quick mould change

Unwinding-rewinding system with automatic reels

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Ideal for medium production, Speedy stems from the need to offer an affordable yet ambitious machine for those who require a fast and precise work cycle. A smart choice given the efficiency, flexibility, durability and cost-effectiveness of the investment and operating costs.

The accessible applications are numerous, from simple sealing to vacuum to MAP and various types of Skin packaging. The colour touch screen interface is simple and intuitive so that it can be easily used even by inexperienced personnel.

FoodPack Speedy is a reliable ally for your production project, a guarantee evidenced by the hundreds of units ILPRA sells worldwide each year.

In Action
ILPRA Foodpack Speedy

Watch our video to see the ILPRA Foodpack Speedy in operation.



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