ILPRA Foodpack 400 Extra Roto

Ultra compact

Internal vacuum pump

Up to six different packaging modes

High protrusion skin packaging

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FoodPack 400 Extra Roto significantly reduces the execution time of a complete working cycle: the rotary table allows loading/unloading of the packed trays on one station while the sealing/cutting operations are carried out on the other. This model also allows to pack in Skin, OverSkin and ExtraSkin, guaranteeing constant and quick work cycles.

Touch Screen Panel
All working parameters can be set from the touch screen control panel. In addition, several recipes can be stored for quick use by the operator.

Rotary Table
It allows loading/unloading of packed trays to be performed on one station while sealing/cutting operations take place on the other, increasing the yield of your production.

Up to six different types of packaging
Sealing only
Skin on cardboard
Skin on plastic plate
Skin on tray

In Action
ILPRA Foodpack 400 Extra Roto

Watch our video to see the ILPRA Foodpack 400 Extra Roto in operation.




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