Heavy Duty Sacks

Process printing up to 8 colours

Anti-slip additives to secure load holding

Punch / micro perforations, to allow air to escape

MAP (Modified atmospheric packaging) available to extend product shelf life

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Our heavy duty sacks are blended to create stronger bags than traditional LDPE poly bags and can be used for a broad range of uses including: builder sacks/bags, fertiliser sacks, rubble sacks, aggregate sacks, animal feed sacks and sand bags.

We can offer heavy duty sacks in white and clear, converted into open mouth bags as well as continuous tubing for automatic bagging systems.

With continued development of polymer technology, we have value engineered our heavy-duty bags down to 100mu for applications and still enable customers to pack at high speeds. Blends have also been developed that can offer a cost-effective replacement of paper sacks, where film looks and feels like paper with printing up to 8 different colours including photography.



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