Hand Pallet Wrap

Sustainability - reduced thickness equates to less material

Exceptional strength and performance

Flush Cores or Extended Cores

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NPP offers a range of pallet wrap films designed to be manually applied to pallets. Our high quality handwraps increase load stability while reducing cost and volumes.

Standard Hand Pallet wrap
This is a cast co-extruded LLDPE hand pallet wrap film. It is designed for hand application to pallets of goods to ensure a stable load through the distribution chain.
It has the low unwind noise associated with cast film. The film is usually produced in widths of 400mm or 500mm and thickness can range from 20mu right down to 5mu pre-stretch material.

SMART Wrap 5
SMART Wrap 5 is a cast LLDPE pallet stretch wrap film for hand application. Despite its light weight and thinner gauge, the film offers the same strength and high-performance levels of thicker pallet wrap products. Smart Wrap 5 ensures a stable load through the distribution chain since it provides high load holding forces at low application force.

It has low unwind noise and enough cling to be used in a wide range of applications. All rolls have uniform edge folds for increased tear strength. The cling is on the inside of the reel.



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