Comarme GEM X520/X670/X820 Case Sealer

Average production is 300-500 boxes per hour

Box transfer speed is 22mt per minute

Variable size cases accepted

Auto dimensioning

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These self-sizing automatic taping machines seal the upper and lower part of variable size boxes with self adhesive tape.  The GEM X machine models are ideal to seal cartons with different dimensions in length, width and height, which are manually fed into the taping machine.

The taping head and the two side belts automatically adjust to each box size.  The boxes are fed by lateral conveyor belts, driven by a single motor.  This ensures perfect alignment of the upper and lower flags which guarantees a perfect seal.

The Gem X models can be combined with in-feed and out-feed conveyors to make a simple, effective and economical packing station.

In Action
Comarme GEM X520/X670/X820 Case Sealer

Watch our video to see the Comarme GEM X520/X670/X820 Case Sealer in operation.



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