Comarme GEM B52/GEM B670/GEM B820 Case Sealer

Two side drive belts Operated by Single motor

Available with or without guards

Option of stainless steel

Sturdy construction


The Comarme GEM B52 / GEM B670 / GEM B820 Base carton sealers are used for closing the lower side of the boxes using self-adhesive tape. Not only with a sturdy build, the movement of the cartons within the machine is done by two side drive belts operated by a single motor, adjustments for the different formats are made through flywheels.

For mobilization the machine is equipped with 4 wheels with brakes.
The taping bases can be used both in semi-automatic lines with operator and in automatic lines or with box formers.

The GEM B52 model is available in the version without guards for semi-automatic use or with side guards for insertion in the line. On the other hand, the B670F and B820F versions are only available with side protections for use in automatic lines or in combination with an automatic box former.


In Action
Comarme GEM B52/GEM B670/GEM B820 Case Sealer

Watch our video to see the Comarme GEM B52/GEM B670/GEM B820 Case Sealer in operation.



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