Comarme GEM 520 Case Sealer

Accepts standard 3" Tape roll, maximum roll diameter 14"

Average production is 1000 units/hour

Box transfer speed 22mt/min

Small compact machine

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The Comarme Gem 520 Case Sealer is the absolute ideal piece of machinery to add into your carton sealing machine production line. Not only does it have pristine finished design, it can seal either side of cartons, top or bottom not separately but simultaneously with either self adhesives polypropylene tape or self adhesive paper tape.

With its customizable settings you can manually adjust height and width settings using the provided handles to size it up to the box you want to seal.

The max box size compatible with this unit is as follows: 520 mm wide x 520 mm high, and any length above 150mm long.


In Action
Comarme GEM 520 Case Sealer

Watch our video to see the Comarme GEM 520 Case Sealer in operation.



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