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CRX A new era of collaborative technology

Imagine a world without safety fences, a world in which humans work side-by-side with robots. In this world, robots would execute all strenuous tasks, enabling humans to dedicate their precious time to lighter, more skilled or demanding tasks.

With FANUC collaborative robots, that world has already come into existence. By integrating them into existing production environments, robots directly collaborate with humans, becoming a crucial part of the team. Alongside humans, they take over tedious, repetitive tasks, lifting up to 35 kg, thus maintaining the human’s health while automating entire assembly lines.

Why the new CRX?
The CRX is the right partner to start your automation journey. Itis very easy to use and has many user friendly features such as a Tablet Teach Pendant and drag and drop programming. FANUC’s latest addition to the collaborative robot family comes with the same renowned FANUC reliability as all our products.

Who needs the CRX?
Companies of all sizes and industries can benefit from Collaborative Robots like the CRX. It is suited for companies starting with their automation process to companies with extensive experience in the area, this collaborative robot will support your business to be more cost efficient and safer!

In Action
Collaborative Robots

Meet the FANUC CRX range. These collaborative robots work side by side with operators, taking responsibility for the strenuous tasks.




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