Audion Super Poly

Bi-active Seal Bars

Seal lengths 280mm, 380mm and 630mm

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Due to it’s portable character, the Audion Super Poly is particularly suitable for sealing all kinds of difficult shaped products. The bi active seal bars (both upper and lower seal bar are equipped with a resistance wire) allows the sealing of thick polyethylene up to 2 x 0,3 mm. Furthermore it will be possible to seal most of the laminate films, a simple test will tell you if the machine will be adequate for your film or not.

The machine needs to be connected to a transformer, where the seal time can be set accordingly to the film you are using. Once the jaws are closed the button is pressed and the seal will start, indicated by a control light. After the sealing time has passed (max. 1-3 sec.) the sealing will stop automatically and you can open the tongs.

Length power cord approx.: 5 m

In Action
Audion Super Poly

The Audion Super Poly is a handheld impulse sealer designed to be used for all kinds of difficult shaped products.



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