Audion Seal Check Sheets

Visual test for checking seal integrity

Seal Check Sheets comply with EN 868-3 and ISO 11607-2.

Suitable for transparent films

100 sheets per box

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Visual test for checking seal integrity

Besides the available instruments for seal parameter verification the seal integrity should be regularly checked in practice by means of seal integrity tests. Seal Check Sheets are a convenient aid for quick and easy checks of seal integrity.

The dark indicator coating of the Seal Check Sheet makes eventual defective seal areas visible. The sheet can be placed between the film layers during sealing. By sealing the black coating along with the film, the seal becomes clearly verifiable and imperfections can easily be detected with the naked eye.

The lower part of the Seal Check Sheet allows you to log data about the seal (serie number machine, seal temperature, seal pressure, seal speed, operator, date, location, etc).

For optimal seal verification, specimen seals from each batch should be stored. Seal Check Sheets provide the extra aid to meet seal integrity requirements in pharma and medical industry.

Suitable for:

  • Transparent films: PA/PE film laminates, PE, paper/PP medical bags used on Contimed rotary medical sealers. (The sheet length of 17 cm corresponds to the peripheral length of the heating elements).
  • For validatable industrial sealers such as Power Sealer we recommend the Seal Check Roll (sheets can be cut from the roll).



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