Audion D549 Band Sealer

Vertical sealing of larger packages and batches

Fast throughput speed (up to 20 meters per minute)

Simple to Use – minimal operator training

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Vertical Industrial Continuous sealer.

The Audion D 549 is an industrial continuous sealer specially designed for vertical sealing of larger packages and batches. Bags are sealed in an upright position, which is useful for products that would roll out of the bag lying down. D 549 can seal bags with a flap length of up to 135 mm, which makes this band sealer ideally suited for sealing bags with a carrying handle or bags fitted with a header card.

By integrating the optional cutting device, the residual film is removed above the seal. This minimizes the chance of dirt accumulating in the bag mouth and reduces the overall size (and weight) of the finished product, ultimately saving on transport and storage costs.

This machine uses protective PTFE tapes and therefore various materials like polyethylene, polypropylene, cellophane, paper, aluminum and other laminated films can be sealed with a strong reliable 12mm or optional 20 mm seal for when sealing packaging with eurolog.

High throughput speed and flexible configuration:

The machine is standard equipped with 2 seal bars one after the other (Stage 1 and Stage 2) and standard 2 cooling blocks one after the other (Stage 1 and Stage 2). This makes the machine very suitable for sealing thicker films. Due to the innovative seal bar / cooling block configuration in combination with an excellent sealing pressure, even thicker films can be sealed at a higher throughput speed of up to 20 meter per minute, giving a boost to your production output. The powerful pressure rollers, allow small and light bags to be fed from above (the bag-inlet). This allows the operator to handle bags faster and more efficiently with a good ergonomic posture.

When sealing paper laminates a configuration with double heating elements can be chosen. Due to the insulating property of paper, some thicker paper laminates take longer to pass the heat from the sealing bars to the inner layer. With the paper laminate configuration this is solved without affecting the throughput speed. These 2 extra sets of heating bars will replace the 2 sets of cooling bars.

The machine can be installed over an existing conveyor belt system or it can be equipped with an optional conveyor belt attached to a (motorized) support. The machine and conveyor belt height are easily adjustable (mechanically or electrically), which allows you to seal batches of different sized bags.

Touch screen with pre-set seal parameter recipes:

The D 549 is standard equipped with the easy to use Audion Touch Techware. The temperature (max 250°C), throughput speed and cooling are easily adjustable. Up to 50 pre-programmed seal parameter recipes can be entered. This ensures that the operator always has the right seal settings available when different products or bag types are sealed.




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