Why Choose Stretchfilms?

Stretchfilm is a highly versatile packaging solution used throughout a broad range of industries to wrap, secure and protect goods both in storage and in transit. 

Efficient and cost effective

Compared to other forms of packaging such as strapping or gluing, stretch wrapping is often the most efficient mothed of keeping multiple packaging together. Thanks to its light weight and recyclability, stretchfilm is more environmentally friendly than other forms of packaging. Plus, on a cost per load basis, stretch wrapping remains one of the most cost-effective ways to wrap and secure loads.

Elastic and Clingy

Stretchfilm has two important characteristics – elasticity and cling. Elasticity is the ability of the material to recover its shape when distorted. Most of the distortion force applied to an elastic material will be recovered as load holding force and so stretch film work as a load holding material by being stretched (distorted) as it is wrapped around a unit’s load.

Another feature is the cling – the tendency of the stretch film to adhere to itself. Cling is engineered into the film by the addition of special additives or the use of specific polymers and works together with the film’s elasticity to keep palletized contents together.

Optimising packaging operations

Often, loads are subjected to severe vibration in transportation. Thanks to its ‘elastic’ properties stretchfilm can withstand these forces and keep loads together to ensure the product reaches its destination intact and damage free. Stretch wrapping is an excellent way to help control labour costs especially where automatic equipment is used. Being 100% recyclable, pallet stretchfilm helps the organisation to minimize waste and conform with the Packaging Waste Regulations.

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