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Top tips to choose the right corrugated packaging solutions

Top tips to choose the right corrugated packaging solutions

Your product is amazing. You know it, and your customers know it. What’s not amazing? Not having a way to get your amazing product to your customers. 

What’s the solution? Corrugated packaging that is as good as your product. 

Well, that’s great, but how do you choose the corrugated packaging solution that is right for you? What do you even look for? Here are some tips to get you started. 

1. Box Options

2. Expertise

3. Sustainability

1. Box Options

A box is a box, right? Yes, but as you begin to delve into the world of packaging, you may be surprised to learn just how many different box options you have. Options can be great especially if your product line varies in terms of size, weight, and shape. 

Products that are heavier require a stronger box, so you’ll need to look for a supplier who can offer double or triple-wall corrugation; if your product is lighter, the single-wall boxes will still offer protection and sturdiness without adding to your weight costs. The flutes of corrugated packaging also contribute to the strength of the box, so talk with suppliers about their fluting options.

Another option to consider is how you want the box to be opened. If you’re an ecommerce business shipping products directly to your clients, maybe you want to look at a postal-style box with a top that is one piece, instead of a box with two flaps that come together. Or if you’re a B2B company, look at retail-ready packaging

2. Expertise

When a potential client calls to inquire about your product, you probably ask a few questions to determine their specific needs, and then you tell them all the ways your product can meet those needs.

It makes sense, then, for your packaging supplier to be able to ask you questions about your needs and then tell you the ways they can meet your needs. When it comes to packaging suppliers, you are the client; the supplier has to be able to meet your needs in order to earn – and keep – you as a client. Make sure that your packaging supplier knows exactly what your needs are.

Communication is so, so important. Does the packaging supplier answer your calls or emails promptly? Do they know their product and can they discuss different customisation options with you? The answers should be a resounding, “yes!” in order to pass. 

3. Sustainability

Customers are more aware than ever before about the environmental impact of their purchasing power, and they are putting their “green” where companies “go green,” and this includes packaging and shipping decisions. That means it is critical that you find a packaging supplier whose business practices are fully sustainable and environmentally-friendly. 

Corrugated packaging is already an excellent choice. The key to corrugated packaging is its flutes, the strength and the cushion, and a good packaging supplier is able to customise the box precisely to your product so that no excess packaging or filling is used. 

Make the green choice when it comes to your packaging supplier, and you and your customers will see the return at every turn. 

So now you are ready to find a corrugated packaging supplier. Using these measures will guide you to a corrugated packaging solution that is as great as your product. 

NPP knows that a one size fits all solution doesn’t work for many companies, and we know that you are looking for something truly amazing. Contact us to discuss quality and quantity, our expertise, our sustainable practices, and let’s find out how we can tailor a custom solution for you.

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