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Q&A with John James | UK Account Manager | Packaging

This week we caught up with our UK Account Manager John James about his role at NPP, and all things packaging.

1. What is your role at NPP?

I’m the UK Account Manager for Packaging Materials at NPP.  My role is to grow and develop the packaging side of the business with new and existing customers throughout the UK.

We have a wide offering including consumables and market-leading machinery, as well as local engineering support and spare parts for our range of equipment.

2. Why did you choose NPP at the time you joined?

Having seen NPP starting to develop in the UK, I felt this was a very pro-active company that I would like to be a part of. Two of my ex-colleagues had already made the move which made it an extremely easy decision to make based on the feedback from them. Having met other employees, it was refreshing to see how much enthusiasm they had for the company.

3. What is your favourite part of your job?

Working for very enthusiastic people who have the same mindset and goals as myself to achieve great things in the UK.

4. What sets NPP apart?

NPP are very selective in the people they employ, everybody who works for the company is a specialist and has many years of experience to offer customers which is something not all of our competitors can offer. NPP are also machinery and consumable suppliers, so we understand how to get the best from both commodities.

5. What are the biggest issues or concerns your customers are experiencing right now? 

Businesses are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their packaging materials. This includes issues related to plastic waste, carbon emissions, and the overall sustainability of packaging materials and practices.

Sometimes, a small change in materials can have a significant impact on the environment. By assessing our customers packaging materials and processes, we can offer recommendations that will help reduce environmental impact whilst maintaining or improving product performance.

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