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Void Fill packaging is a convenient and effective way of protecting your products during transit. The importance of the shipments always arriving in perfect conditions is a vital issue for all companies. Void Fillers are a highly recommended product to protect fragile, perishable and heavy products.

There are a number of different types of void fillers but today we are focusing on Air Cushions & Dunnage Bags.

Air Cushions

Air Cushion Box Fill

NPP’s air transfer cushion material is designed with unique, patented, innovative, air transfer technology, allowing air movement within cushions during shipment. This movement acts as a shock absorber to provide continuous superior protection. Air bags without air transfer technology can transmit shock and damage the products during shipment.

Air Cushions offer the following benefits:

  • Premium product protection
  • Superior void fill & Cushioning
  • Cost Effective
  • Reusable & High Versatility

Dunnage Bags

Dunnage bags were introduced in 1970 are the convenient way to protect your goods from being damaged during shipping. They have an outstanding load stabilising capacity and resistance to load shifting. Dunnage bags are inexpensive compared to other load securing techniques and they are reusable.

Dunnage Bags are placed in the voids between cargo and inflated to brace and restrain the load, they absorb vibrations and protect the cargo from in-transit damage. The bags can be easily inflated in a few seconds by compressed air and an inflator tool. They can easily be deflated by opening the valve, without needing to puncture.

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