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Q&A with Mick Carless | UK Operations Manager for Materials & Systems

This week we caught up with Mick Carless, our UK Operations Manager about his role at NPP, and all things materials and machinery.

  1. What is your role at NPP?

My role at NPP is to grow and develop our business as a leading machinery and associated consumable packaging provider for new and existing customers throughout the UK, this will include sales, local engineering support and spare parts for our range of equipment. We will also be supplying high quality consumable packaging to give the best possible performance to the end user.

2. Why did you choose NPP at the time you joined?

I have been selling semi/fully automatic pallet wrapping, case erecting and sealing equipment for 32 years, in that time the market and customer requirements have changed considerably but many suppliers have not.

NPP are the opposite of this, the company is very forward thinking, quick to implement changes if needed and completely customer focused. The attitude and enthusiasm of the company played a major factor in my decision to join the team when I did, and this has given me the drive going forward to make the NPP as successful as I can.

3. What do people not realise about the essential nature of NPP’s work? 

Scope of supply, NPP can offer a vast range of new and existing products. Ranging from the latest technology in machinery and system design, right through to high performance cost saving consumable packaging materials. We don’t just supply, we advise, performance test and prove our products work.

4. What are the biggest issues or concerns your customers are experiencing right now?

Lead times and labour shortages for every company are very challenging right now, NPP can work with companies to try and take the headache of this away. Often the introduction of machinery will not only take away the labour issues but speed up the operation and can in many cases through reduction in time/consumable usage be self-funding.

5. How can NPP help our customers overcome these issues?

Through the expertise of its staff and the products they offer, NPP are being very selective in both areas. They are making sure that the customers get good sound advice from employees who have established excellent reputations having spent many years in the industry.

6. Why should businesses partner with NPP for their packaging systems and materials? 

NPP want to stand out from the crowd, they are continuously moving with the times and looking for the best solutions to the customer requirements, our CAN DO attitude does come across in our approach making the trading experience with us more enjoyable and the information being supplied very credible.

7. What will the machinery sector look like five years from now?

Machines are developing all the time, some of the equipment on offer now is mind blowing. Driven by the lack of labour throughout the world technology is moving at a fast pace to fill the void. Companies if not already need in the near future to embrace and invest as needed or risk issues going forward.

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