How to reduce pallet wrap usage and maintain load stability?

If you transport goods to your customers on pallets, it’s likely you rely on pallet wrap to keep them secure, protect them from dust and moisture and get them to your customers in exactly the same condition as they left your premises. It’s also likely you could significantly reduce your pallet wrapping costs and minimise plastic usage – just by using a different film.  

Pallet wrap – the basics 

Pallet wrap is a highly stretchable film, which is also often referred to as ‘stretch film’ or ‘stretch wrap’.  The unsung hero of the warehouse floor, pallet wrap is made from low density polyethylene and can be applied manually or using semi or completely automatic machinery. There are many reasons why we stretch wrap. One main reason is unitizing a load for shipment. Building one large package from many small packages makes it easier to transport, ship and protect individual products from damage. Preventing damage is key to getting loads from their point of origin to their destination in “as made” condition. Stretch wrapping allows us to achieve both goals (unitization for easy transportation and delivering goods without damage) in the most cost-effective way. 

Less is more  

The newest addition to our range is the 5 micron hand wrap, a technically developed, high-performance wrapping solution. Converting standard stretch material via a secondary process, film is pre-stretched to its maximum elasticity which makes wrapping pallets easier and more efficient. Despite its light weight and thinner gauge, the film offers the same strength and high-performance levels of thicker pallet wrap products.  

With reduced thickness, superior puncture resistance, guaranteed roll lengths and increased holding force, our 5mu pallet wrap will make a huge impact on your packaging operations and your plastic usage. 

Let’s take a closer look at the savings that can be made by changing to a 5mu pallet wrap…. 

Existing Pallet Wrap 

400mm X 10mu X 400m 
 Annual Film Usage: 4,698kg of film 
875kg cardboard cores 
16,533kg of Co2 

5mu Hand Pallet Wrap 

400mm X 5mu X 1000m 
 Annual Film Usage: 2,437kg of film 
503kg cardboard cores 
8,792kg of Co2 

Annual Financial Saving 




2,261kg Reduction in film

372kg Reduction of cardboard cores

7,741kg Co2 Reduction

That’s a wrap

If you want any further information about our 5mu stretch film, or have any questions, contact our team of packaging experts today. They will gladly talk you through the benefits of our pallet wrap, or any other transit packaging related issues you may have. 

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