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Case handling machines from NPP

Case handling machines from NPP

Case and tray handling machines increase the efficiency of your packing lines exponentially. NPP’s machinery can build your cases and prepare them for filling at far greater speeds than you can achieve by hand. Consider incorporating our Lantech case erectors, case sealers, tray erectors and lid applicators into production lines. These devices enable precise case and tray management and 100% control of cases and trays throughout the entire erecting and sealing process, ensuring your cases perform as designed and are produced with maximum efficiency.

Benefits of case handling machines

Incorporating a case erector, sealer and lid applicator into your packing line can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity: One worker erecting boxes by hand will complete an average of three boxes per minute. A case erector completes a minimum of ten boxes in the same period. Scale this up to see just how big an effect it will have on your production line: 2,500 boxes would take 14 hours to erect by hand. A case erector takes only four hours to complete the same number.
  • Reduced staff hours: With case handling machines in your production lines, packers can work much more efficiently, which means you can reduce the number of workers on the floor, reduce overtime or reassign workers to other areas to increase efficiency.
  • Reduced repetitive strain and other injuries: Workers who spend hour after hour erecting boxes are susceptible to repetitive strain injuries, which will ultimately affect their health and productivity. You can eliminate the possibility of these injuries, and others, such as papercuts, by letting machines do the job.
  • Reduced inventory and space savings: If you have dozens of boxes pre-erected in anticipation of a large shipment, you need to store all of them until the shipment is completed. You can avoid that wasted space with a case erector because the machine will store dozens of boxes flat and then erect in real-time, as needed. This leads to major space savings and a much tidier work area.
  • Reduce shipping damages: Machine-erected cases are more uniform in shape and strength, meaning that you can eliminate the possibility of boxes breaking during packing and transit.

How case handling machines work

We supply a number of different case handling machines: case erectors, case sealers, tray erectors, lid applicators and Profitpak. Here is an overview of what each one does:

  • Case erectors fold square boxes into shape to prepare them for packing. They provide precise case management and 100% control of cases throughout the entire erecting process, ensuring they perform as designed and are produced with maximum efficiency. Flat cases are loaded into the erector’s magazine in large quantities, and the machine then opens and folds them to precise specifications.
  • Case sealers control the shape of the folded cases, keeping them square as they apply tape or hotmelt to the flaps to seal them and maintain their rigidity and strength.
  • Tray erectors erect corrugated trays of all shapes and sizes, forming the flat blanks into pack-ready containers in a matter of minutes.
  • Lid applicators automate the process of placing lids on filled trays and cases, reducing the amount of time and labour needed to apply lids, making physical distancing easier while keeping up with capacity needs.

NPP supplies all kinds of packing solutions, from wraps and boxes to packing machines. For more information on our case handling machines and other solutions, contact us.

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