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Advantages of Using FIBC Bags for Pharmaceutical Companies

In the 1950s, the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container was introduced, also known as the FIBC or Big Bag. The popularity of FIBCs has been growing exponentially ever since. FIBC bags are one of the most suitable options for the temporary storage and transportation of bulk products in the pharmaceutical industry. Let’s examine why…

Highest Safety Standards

Bulk bags certified to the right standard offer a safe and convenient way to ship pharmaceutical products. Whether you are packaging baby formula or pharmaceutical ingredient, we understand the extra requirements and can offer solutions for the most sensitive needs. For example, bulk bags can be manufactured under cleanroom conditions, approved for use in food contact, suitable for use in ATEX zones and Pharmacopeia compliant.

Extremely Versatile in Nature

Of course, there are standard models in big bags, but it is also possible to make a tailor-made FIBC for a specific product or client to cover any special packaging need. FIBCs can be printed, which is not only great for marketing purposes, but also for information regarding the product or handling or transporting instructions. FIBC bags can also be used to transport many different types of products such as medicines, chemical products and fine powders.

Electrostatic control

With some hazardous products the build-up of static charges within a bulk bag is a serious concern because it poses grave risks to the employees who handle the bags. Fortunately, bulk bags come in different safety grades from B to D, each offering a different level of protection. Type A bags offer no protection. Type B bags, though they are not antistatic bags, can safely transport dry flammable materials. Type C and D bags provide increasing levels of antistatic protection to help protect workers.

Safety and Handling

When used properly, FIBCs are an extremely safe way to transport and store materials. FIBCs are manufactured using woven polypropylene creating an incredibly strong and flexible bulk container perfect. For more information on FIBC Safe Handling Guidelines click here.

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Whether you are packaging baby formula or pharmaceutical ingredients, we understand the extra requirements and can offer solutions for your most delicate products.

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